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This very commonly popular Dodgems is an all time favorite with our Guests. They are free to move around the Track 24m X 12m bumping to others without worry to be booked for rash driving. 15 cars are operated to give guests sufficient space to play with.

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This Family Ride has a Capsule giving the passengers rotation around a horizontal axis in an upright position.

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The Kids Special Carousel with Horses moving up & Down and 2 Chariots on the deck is popular with kids and Parents who see the little ones enjoy. There are also two Chariots for elder fans.

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This is a traditional Cups & Saucer Ride with a Large rotating Disc having free rotating Cups. Riders can rotate their cups manually while the motors rotate the Big Disc and 3 Discs on it having 3 Cups each.

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This Convoy of Cars popular with our very special Guests of the Park – Small Children.
They feel as though they are driving the cars on a contoured track with a variety of vehicles to choose from.

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