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Riders on this Roller Coaster Train are pulled backwards to top of Lift 1 and released.
The Gravity propels the Train through a Bow and Loop to lift 2 where it is further driven up and released to come back to station in reverse direction.

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This High Adrenaline Thrill Ride is not for faint hearted. The Riders in pair are ejected upwards vertically reaching up to 100 km/hr. The ejected capsule bounces slowly to a stop and then lowered to Launch Pad. The system uses Special Steel Ropes with Springs to achieve the elastic effect while having a high redundancy.

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A huge Classic Chain Ride with passengers on individual seats suspended by Chains and rotated around. The added excitement is when the whole Carousel goes up and tilts to an angle making Riders experience a Glider Flight.

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This is a multi axes rotational Thrill Ride. There are 6 Arms with 2 pairs of seats each. Movement include each pair of seats rotating free along their horizontal axis, the center with six Arms rotating along vertical axis, the whole setup swung up and the Boom Arm starting to rotate whilst fully up. Thrill Seekers’ Ride.

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This is an absolute free fall Ride, probably the only one of its kind in the region. Riders in the Drop Vehicle are taken up a vertical Tower to approx 35m and the Vehicle is totally released free from the lifting hooks. They free fall and are safely slowed down to a perfect stop by the state of the art magnetic braking.

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This is a rotary ride with Riders seated on Airplanes. The Main Center rotates and goes vertically up. The Arms with Planes further swings up to reach their maximum height while going around.

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